Ora vs the Sarlacc

This is one of my favourite pictures I've done yet; (though the perfectionist in me *does* keep spotting things I wish I'd done differently and outright flaws) from a great moment in our RPG. Tusserk's loyal varactyl, Ora, battling it out with a very young sarlacc that the team discovered lurking under a pirate lair. We all came to the conclusion that one of the pirates picked up the sarlacc as a pet when it was cute and tiny, then flushed it down into the sewer system when it got too big to manage, heh. The sarlacc ended up being defeated (and kill-stealed!) by a Amaran with a 1d4 pistol, much to the chagrin of our missile-launcher-and-flamethrower-wielding Ryn. And everybody loves gratuitous glowing lichens!


Awww, thanks guys!!! :D Haha, wildlife art really is my forte, and I think it sort of shows here! The creatures of the SW universe definitely come easiest to me... I should do more of them!

Rozali-- yeah!! Power to the Varactyls! They're definitely riiiiight up there on my list of favourites. I'm sure I'll end up doing a lot more pieces with Ora as time goes on...


I myself have done two. One in an action pose, and one sleeping, legs sticking out. haha
I hope to see some as well!


Sometimes you have to draw a line (pun alert?) , and accept it as finished. Sometimes its good, great, and perfect where it is, as it is. Its easy to go overboard and over do it, and actually ruin it in the end. Not to mention, just plainly getting sick and tired of it. Best to move on to fresh ideas. ;)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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