Mon Cal Dancer

Not my favorite way to draw but I can do this quickly. I hope it works for the requester. Love doing their eyes


Excellent job. :) Love the skin toning.
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Although (this is not meant as criticism), are you still having issues with image compression? This looks a tiny bit compressed, vertically. Otherwise, quite excellent!



Yes I am. I still draw on a wide screen and then try to adjust for the smaller screens of computers....Since I had to add to the canvas size of her to fit in some feet, it threw off what I have been using as a normal size change.


I can't stop giggling about this one! Casca, I think I was drawn to this request the same way you were, haha, so glad you picked it up.

(And, my my, Asok, no comments about specific bits of alien anatomy?? ;) Heeheeheeee)


This style is different from you, but it definitely works! Great drawing around the face, the eye looks fantastic.


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