Tyria Vellar

My fingers hurt after doing this. Spent a few hours with a cheap mechanical pencil, a cheaper ballpoint pent, and a sheet of paper from an old binder in my desk.

My Miraluka gunslinger with her future Mandalorian armor. The awkward, poorly drawn, clunky ball in her left gauntlet is supposed to be a repulsordroid, but I sorta flubbed it and I was running low on creativity.


I like the little details you put in.  It really is a great piece of art.  Just need some blank paper instead of lined, a scanner instead of a camera, and a photoshop program to do anything you want to it, and your work would be nearly perfect.


Thanks! Unfortunately I kinda lack of these things at this point. The only blank paper I have lying around is in my moleskine notebook I think, which I often doodle in. But yeah... and scanner and some photoshop programs would be awesome... Then I could finally learn to /color/ stuff.

Every time I look at this picture her left thumb starts to bug me more and more. I wrestled with it forever to get it to look right, and after I inked over everything I realized I still hated it. And that I could've easily made it look better by just having it straightened outwards and resting on top of her belt buckle. Gugggh. Oh well. What's done is done.


I use my own hands as reference when I'm drawing hands all the time. I'll be drawing with my right hand, doing some weird pose with my left hand. You do have to transpose it a bit, though, so that it translates to the orientation of whatever you're drawing. But I think it helps.


Right. I pro'lly just need to pay more attention to the pose of the hand anyways. When Xanamiar pointed out that the thumb shouldn't even be visible it totally clicked in my head.

I was so blinded by just trying to get the damn thing looking good that I failed to realize it didn't even belong.

I think that's what happens when you grow up with Megablocks in your LEGO bin. Your brain just doesn't develop properly.


I prefer to think of myself as a doodle-er. Originally I was just gonna do a chibi, but I like the way the helmet came out too much and next thing I knew I had sunk a few hours into the whole thing.

Yeah, so you did. It looks better. Any child with too many crayons and pencils will tell you that "Hands suck".