Market Day

Chaz and Tusk hit the Looter's Crash street market in search of parts for the Bicentenial Emu.  Tusk is deep in negotiations with his former shipmate, Baacacha, while Chaz gets slightly frustrated.

The young, former Jedi Padawan, Dibs Fortrout, is making deliveries on his speeder while, over head, Techs and Burner of Unit Zero chase Jedi Knight Kee-Lym Pi across the rooftops.

A resident Talz is enjoying a refreshing Sucko Soda, unaware that he's being watched by a Kubaz spy. And what's with that shifty looking Chiss in the window?  What could she be up to, I wonder?

I will let you make your own story about the rest of the citizens.


This piece gave me no end of trouble.  I couldn't get the scans right at first.  The coloring was a hand-cramping pain and a half. Then trying to work out shadows for two suns?  Gah!


Dude this is just awesome. The story for each characters is great and it is all woven together very well and everything going on is nice. It isn't to busy but it a upbeat picture!!!


Had to re-upload the image.  Realized I had originally uploaded the wrong save file.  Quality should be better on this one.


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