SWAG's New Theme

I'm gonna label this a "work in progress" because it surely is. :-D What follows is a list of things that are known, currently broken with the new theme. I believe I've fixed most majorly broken issues with the site, but if you know of something that's not already mentioned here, feel free to post a comment detailing the issue. I am also including a list of fixed bugs and improvements that are coming down the pipe.

  • Private Message System Links Missing -- Resolved, you can find these on the profile pages now.
  • Image Search -- Pending
  • WIP Gallery Improvements -- OK, this should be finished.
  • Navigational Improvements -- Most navigation has been updated, I don't know of anything I've missed. I do intend on replacing all the text links with image links at some point
  • Forum Improvements -- The forum MIGHT benefit from some manual breadcrumb work, I will have to take a look at this before making a decision though.

This is the list of improvements/bugs I have yet to do, please feel free to mention anything else, and I'll add it to the list.

*Update #1* Now that I've got the WIP gallery improvements working the way I want, if anyone wants to see what this is really intended to look like, just take a gander at mercy's blog and you'll see exactly where I'm going with this. It's going to make browsing artwork REALLY nice and REALLY easy. http://swagonline.net/users/2246/blog

*Update #2* I've made some more updates to the blog image capabilities of the site. This second set of changes should make it easier for users to navigate through the blog images. They now provide next and previous links in the lightbox area. Again you can see great examples of this with Mercy's blog link above. Eclipse


Lovin' the new WIP gallerys in the blogs Kris! They work a treat, I've just updated my blog to make full use of the new feature. :)

On a related note, a while ago you asked for suggestions for other categories for the blogs. In addition to "Work in Progress", how about "Non-Star Wars Art" and "General Life"? (*edit* and "Sketchbook")