Rock arch planet

When I was a kid I used to be so amazed by those arch-shaped rocks in Utah - so I decided to scale them up a bit.

The impressionist brush in Painter is awesome.


My first words upon seeing this were literally "OH MY GOSH! That's SOOO awesome!"




Seriously. Better... and better... Keep it up!

What kind of animal is that, by the way?



Wow. The first thing I thougt when I saw this was "..." I was just blown away.

On a second look, I thought "Imagine a swoop race through these!"

I love the perspective work you did to give it the feel that these go on for quite some time.

I, too, am curious as to the creature. Was it a specific type, or just something that looked cool? I think it's rising crest helps compliment the arches in a subtle yet wonderful way.