Here's the Wookiee head I sketched a while ago, but coloured. I originally did the sketch for the Kallakazza request (blog HERE) because I had never tried drawing Wookiees before and I wanted to have a quick go before producing the personalised piece. Anyway, Lord Crumb suggested I try colouring it, as he liked the piece, so here it is!


P.S. I really don't mean to flood the 'Newest Images' line-up. Sorry to push the other pictures off - I feel kinda bad about it...


Well in the ancient wisdom of our forefathers... "You snooze, you lose!" :-)


PS: The work is looking great lately. Awesome job.


Completely Awesome.... Wonderful work Mercy.. and don't feel bad... All the artists do it sooner or later :)

Lord Crumb

That is a excellent Wookiee you sketched and colored. I'm glad you colored it up and put it in the gallery. You are very talented. Keep it up.

-LC :-)


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