Twi'lek Beauty

A request from Derf;

"- A blue twi'lek female, the stupid beauty. This young twi'lek is very tempting and is always equipped with very light, coloured and expensive dresses or clothes. It hiding place a dagger with its belt or in its boot. Very naive, it compensates for its lack of culture and good direction by its charm and its dexterity. She is a scoundrel."

"Make the twi'lek the age of 20 (young); blue skin; very light, colored and expensive clothes; She is equipped for the adventure (a bit like tomb raider); set in a desert background (like Tatooine); she is very tempting; she is an experienced dancer; Sociable, extravertie and frank, she can be very persuasive. And thats all :) Good Luck on it."

So this is a bit on the sleazy side, but I think that's what is being asked for. So hopefully this isn't gonna offend anyone...

Lord Crumb

She looks great, Mercy. The lines and coloring is awesome as well as the look over her shoulder. Keep up the great work.

-LC :-)



I'm trying to place where I saw a similar outfit... The outfit reminds me of some character from some other series... but where? Aarrgh, this picture is such a delightful tease!

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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