Johr Rahzad, Force-sensitive Chiss Scout [Request]

Woo! My half of a little bit of art swappin' with the most wonderful Casca, who wanted to see his Chiss Scout 'Johr' without his armour on. I really really hope I've managed to match Casca's internal vision of his character... Casca does such awesome work here on SWAG, and puts so much care into the requests he takes on, I'm almost kind of anxious about how this is received!!

Anyway, this guy apparently wears eye covers (my interpretation: contact lenses??) to hide his species, hence the fact that his eyes have more of a Kaminoan thing going on than the usual red. Unable to help myself, I did a red-eyes version of this piece too, if anyone wants it (especially folk perusing this site who are after a more recognisably Chiss Chiss) just throw me a pm. :D


This is VERY cool Tussy... very few profile pics we see anymore... Outstanding detail work, and I love how the shirt flows... very nice work.


Whoa whoa whoa. I thought this was a Travis Moore piece! This is definitely a new level of quality! It's beyond me, anyways. Just wow.



This is absolutely perfect Tuss. I have been having trouble for years doing what you did in a afternoon. I had an Idea but never could get it down. You captured him wonderfully.
He is a kind yet arrogant Chiss who is 'undercover' watching the struggle between the Empire and the rebels. He is the head of a company that does archeological digs and salvage. Though Chiss are traditionally not greedy, he has had a taste of it and is kind of addicted to the acquisition of wealth. Once again. Thank you so much....I will try with all my might to get yours done soon. My next days off are a week away yet but I will do some each day.


Tusserk, you never fail to amaze. The lines on this guys face alone are incredible.

Jaw dropping.

(p.s. Very interesting character Casca. There's a Chiss mercenary in my campaign right now and he's very secretive of which species he belongs to and those eye coverings are a pretty good idea. Mind if we steal em? :D)


By all means....the facial scaring is also to through questioners off. Scar art always intruiged me personally...though I would see no practical use in my real life. And she is good isn't she?


Amazing... I'm surprised that video game companies haven't hired her for concept art yet.

As fast as she makes up so many things, she should work for a video game company :)


Pssshh, Xan, my wrists hate me enough for the amount of time I spend drawing currently, I could never do this full time! And much as I like to dream, I'm nowhere up to scratch for the world of concept arting, no way. Can't pull nearly enough original stuff out of my head for that kind of thing!!

Still, I'm pretty pleased with this guy, and I think I'm... I dunno, I'm in a good place at the moment, or something, heh! Casca, I am stoked that this is what you wanted! You have no idea how happy that makes me. Also here's the version with red eyes-- I actually like it slightly better in an artistic sense, I think the red makes for just a slightly nicer balance of colours? But there you go.

Anarchangel, you flatter me so!! Heehee. And Asok, holy crap, that is a monumental compliment you've thrown at me, I have been in awe of Mr Moore since the dawn of Swagtime.

Lord Cygnus

I am speechless, Tusserk there is no compliment that I can give to you that covers the level of this piece!!


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