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Not much to say that wasn't in the BLOG.

Ryavar Darek

Looks great, I like his aggressive stance and all little details one can see.

Thanks for your great work.


I love the action, motion and energy you captured with this pic! I have one suggestion, though it may be more of a prejudice on my part... your defining lines seem weak, hazy. I know I'm apt to use strong ink outlines, and I know that's not your style, but I think more well-defined edges will really bring the image to life. Just my two cents!



I do agree. I come from a more comic style background but am trying to get away from that with painting. Hopefully as my skill improves with the medium I will get faster. Right now it takes so long I get tired of looking at whatever I am working on before I get the detail I want. So others suffer a bit. I am practicing though.


Don't be dismayed. The improvements you have made so far are really astounding. I too am a self-taught digital colourist, so I know what it's like. I'm still trying to analyze the effects others achieve and try to reverse engineer them for myself!


Great stuff! White Togorian with grey/black stripinh, and light blue-ish white saber blades, and a hint of red for the headpeice, arm guards, chestplate and thigh gaurds. What really sets all the co-ordination off is those sapphire blue eyes. I love it.

Core to the Quad baby!!!

Ryavar Darek

Yup - Casca1967 did a great job realizing all the specifications of my request and turning them into a great picture.


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