Vidaa Churaan - Jedi Knight/Historian/Archaeologist

A request by EvilWalks.

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In the meantime here is a bit of the original request;

"Vidaa is smart and extremely intelligent, and has a reinforced sense of moral and ethical standards. She is a quick study and possesses an almost addictive need, to acquire knowledge...which has allowed her to acquire a vast array of languages, powers, and made her quite knowledgeable on many varying subjects. A trained archaeologist and historian, her skills of deductive reasoning are also advanced, as is her ability to talk for hours in great detail, if given the opportunity...surprisingly though, she talks very little about herself, and attempts to breach her inner walls usually result a quick misdirection to change the topic. She identifies best with the second line of the Jedi Code. "There is no Ignorance, there is Knowledge"

Lord Crumb

I believe it is your best work yet. Keep up the great artwork Mercy and love the lightsaber hilt.

-LC :-)

Evan Black

Great pic! I have to say, though, that the thumbnail looked like she'd been run through with a katana. :)


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