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This forum is for all requests that are over a year old. Instead of deleting them they will now be placed here. If your request is in this forum and you still want it done, please comment on your request that you are still here and waiting for it. You may bump in this forum, just not too often :)

If anyone is interested in fulfilling this request, would someone be willing to make a jawa pilot for my son? He and I picture him in the black underwrap of the standard jawa, wearing a black flight suit (similar to the or straps and buckles like the standard flight suit. He wears a hood up like a regular jawa, but it would be dark grey, unlike the standard brown. One of his feet would be up on his helmet, and he carries a sniper rifle in his hand, pointed skyward, or both hands, across his chest, getting ready to fire. Thank you. Rebis Ouroboros

Ok, as per the thread i had in the general area, this was one of my first vehicles that i had drawn by the nice folk here, iirc by Ben Paddock.  BUT since seemed to pull the image from anywhere it's existed, and i never kept a copy myself, i will need another one of you fine folk to give it a whirl.


The AT-HP is a six legged mech, kind of Hexagonal looking for its lower part.  The legs are definitely more spider like in that the knee joints rise to a little above the body of the vehicle.

So I'm sure many of us are quite the fans of Mandalorians. The Culture, the Weapons, the Armour, the Badassery, etc... My request is simple. And that is to add more to the Mando'a culture. Emblems, Clan Crests, Weapons, Armour, the whole lot! What ever you can imagine. I would love to see the communities juices flow with this. And maybe create a back story to your art. 

Hello SWAG! I have come to you today with an character request!

This character is my OC, but I also use him to portray myself in Star Wars roleplays.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Full Name: Venisseaslokana / Veniss Azrah

Birth Date:  36 BBY

Death Date: 79 ABY,  112 years old

Alias: Nebulae

Species: Squib

Homeworld: Skor II

Age: 31 standard years

The U-AT-T, or Ultimate All Terrain Transport, is the ultimate Imperial walker. It combines the best parts from walkers such as the AT-AT, AT-ST/A, and AT-IC.

Basic Attributes:

  • Fast
  • Strong
  • Armored
  • Tall
  • Heavy
  • Scary!
  • Impressive

Specific details (such as weapons):

Hey folks, I've seen a lot of other ships with tons of drawings around them, namely most of the CEC ships and whatnot. So could anyone show some love to the L19?I think it has only one or two drawings of it, all from pretty much the same angle. It's one of the tougher light freighters in the d6 system, having 6 hull dice to start the game off. It also has a dorsal turret with two blasters in it. I thought, based on the picture from the books that it was kind of a neat ship and could use a little more drawing.


Kind of a party, I suppose.

But for personal use.


Two Humans: one is a scruffy-looking bearded male with a leather jacket, the other is a military-looking female: tough, not a hair out of place, with a uniform of some sort, black hair, and a robotic right arm (her right)

Two droids: A BX-series droid commando (a commando droid from the Clone Wars), specifically one from the Citadel (must have the yellow markings). It has the normal blaster, as well as an energy shield (the usual kind). The other droid is basically R5-P8, but more purple.

Yes I game with freaks. 

I am wondering if anyone could draw me a 4 armed Codru-Ji, in Mandalorian Battle Armor, complete with Jet Pack, armed with 2 tricked out heavy blaster rifles. 

In addition, he is a tech specialist, so attached, and hanging off his armor is all sorts of tools, sensors, med-packs, and gagdets. 

I sort of have this vision in my head of him in a semi-crouched position, blasting away. 

There is literally nothing out there on the net. If someone could draw this for me, it would be awesome. 


Hal Pakron



This character I created for an RPG between myself and a friend. Loola Lazanti is a female Lasat who survived Order 66. She had finally reached Padawan status and before she could've been assigned to a Jedi Master, an attack on the Jedi Temple forced her, along with other Jedi younglings that managed to also have survived, to hide in the sewers until the gunfire ceased.

Looking for a male Falleen Sith Inquisitor.  

We're playing Force and Destiny, he's statted as a Force Mystic Makashi duelist, he will eventually be an Advisor when I have the xp to be the group's social character.  

Looks similar Prince Xizor because Prince Xizor was sexy AF.  In fact I'm currently using a Xizor portrait because it's the closest thing.  But there's a distinct lack of red lightsabers on Xizor.

He's a silver-tongued viper that uses his charisma and pheremones to manipulate and flatter, then stabs people to death.

This is a bit of an odd request, but my players have decided to visit an Imperial resort planet (intent on making a scene to draw out a certain military commander), and I drank a ton of coffee and designed it last night rather than sleeping.  I've written a brochure for Freedom City, the only habitable landmass in the M'kophen system. It's a cluster of mountains and plateaus that emerge from a sea of clouds below.  Some were mountains that have been carefully hewn to the right elevation and levelled out to accommodate a city.

Losa Tweeb - Ortolan - Escaped Order 66 as a youngling, suffers from survivor's guilt.  Has an orange staff saber she aqcuired from a (now dead) mentor.  Wears a purple robe.

Ch'norr - Whiphid - Former hunter impressed by the force, accompanies Losa to see the galaxy and become a better hunter. Carries a heavy blaster rifle and vibro-ax, wears plates from stormtrooper armor (As designed it's way too small) painted in the original owner's blood.

I had a crazy idea today while shopping for Christmas presents for my kids.  I swear that's why I was in the toy aisle...

At any rate, I can't be the only one to wonder what Captain America would've looked like as a Mandalorian.  After a quick Google search, I've found very little material on the subject.  I'll bet some of the artists here could give it a jolly good try.  I'm thinking about introducing a shield-wielding Mandalorian NPC into my campaign, if only I had some inspiration.

Hello all!

I've recently started up a modernised version of the campaign "Tempest Feud" using the FFG rules. The game has gotten off to a great start, and I'm already convinced that the group - players and PCs - is one of the best I've encountered.

This is more of a personal request than a request on the part of the group, but I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in making a group portrait of the team? There are six members in total, which I realise is a lot, but any help here would be deeply appreciated!

Hello all!

I'm about to begin playing in two separate Star Wars campaigns, both to be played using the new FFG system. For my two characters I've used screen-shots of Battlefront and SWTOR avatars, but I think that the characters can be given greater life through the skills of an amazing artist.

My character concepts are summarised below, and include links to the character's full sheet and backstory:

Hello all.  I would like to submit a request for a picture of the Starbolt-class Assault Carrier from Dangerous Covenants, one of FFGs books.  Unfortunately, they neglected to put in a picture or even a description, so, here we go.  First, what is known.  This ship is a CEC design so it should share something in common with the corellian corvette and the YT-1300.  It has two Dorsal (top) turbolaser turrets, and two Ventral (bottom) heavy ion cannon turrets.  It also has two light turbolasers each port and starboard, not on turrets, and forward it has two proton torpedo launchers and

One of my favourite relationships in all of the Star Wars campaigns I've ever been a part of is the relationship between the Kushiban, Bob, and the Squib, Mego.

Bob is serious, grumpy and generally pessimistic. Mego is happy, relentlessly optimistic and quite possibly the most annoying being in the glaxy. Mego is basically our version of Jar Jar Binks taken to charicature levels. Thankfully he only makes occasional cameo appearances so he can't annoy everyone regularly.

Hello All,

Long time since I've been here, so hope you are all well!

I am looking for 5 portraits and a group photo of my player characters from my Tales of Solay Express Campaign. They consist of a Trandoshan Merchant with a Wookiee fur coat and wide brim hat, a swauve gambler, a hotshot driver/pilot, a Dug mechanic and Gank Heavy (are there any other kinds).

Here are the full descriptions: https://solayexpress.obsidianportal.com/wiki_pages/character-descriptions

Hi folks,

I'm hoping to start a new campaign in the near fugure.  I'm working on a character concept for a sith sorcerer who goes around in (and feel free to laugh as it amuses me)  a modified version of the MK II Lite Clonetrooper armor that's been modified with sith alchemy.  The armor should have a set of microbinoculars built into the helmet.  He's carying a Khopesh that has (like the armor) been treated with sith alchemy. 

Nickos sighed heavily, his breath getting the better of him.

Damn this world and how its air is so heavy, He thought to himself. I can't wait to be off this rock...

"Rick! dis trail be fresh! Must Hurry!" Nickos was still having trouble with these catfolk's language, he barely understood a thing Brahan had just said.

Hurry, he got. The south was nothing but a line of black storm clouds rapidly approaching and there was no way to know if the trail the grey furred primitive was following would last through the rain.

Hey guys.
Posting in the hope you can help a fellow GM out. I want to surprise my players, get them a drawing of their characters, but I am how can I put it, Artistically Inept. I unfortunately don't have any methods of paying, so I hope that someone can achieve this work of art purely out of kindness. Also it will Most likely end up on the obsidian portal for the game, all credit will be given to you as well.
So I was wondering if anyone could possibly draw, or digitally paint a portrait of my groups character party.

I was very tempted to post a request for a police line up of the four characters I've played in Star Wars games over the years (Zeltron engineer Trix, Human pilot Nikita, Anno-dat mercenary captain Asha and badass Kushiban Bobecc) but I realize that would really be pushing things and would be a lot of work for anyone who chose to do it. So instead I would like to request an image of a scene from our regular game, when Bob the Kushiban was just a cameo character (and, random fact, Bob has made cameos in all of my games).

Way back when, just after i joined this site, one of the first drawings i could remember getting done was for my All Terrain Howitzer platform, but since i was stupid and never saved the picture, nor do i remember who did it, and after spending several hours searching via google and bing, i figured it was time for someone to revamp this piece.


Okay, I just thought this would be funny (and it could be a good forum name/avatar):

Three Grans, in business suits. The one on the left, standing sternly with fists on hips. The one on the right has his arms crossed in front of him in disapproval.

The centre Gran, slightly ahead of the other two, is holding a pink slip of paper (flimsiplast?) out toward the viewer. On it, in tiny Aurebesh letters, are the words "YOU'RE FIRED."

Below and in front of these could be the title 'Grans for Dismissal', so that the picture makes sense at first sight.

Slade is a Mandolorian with the ability to use the Force ever since he was two although he Does Not know how to Control it yet. He was supposed to be trained by the hands of the Emperor but the ship that was Kidnapped him was Ambushed by Rebels and the Pilot launched him into an Escape Pod where he drifted to a Near By Planet known as Lothal and he is now 21 and lives the Life of a Bounty Hunter. 

Hair: he has Light Brown texture to his hair, its long and shaggy

Eyes: he has a Brownish-Orange eye Color and he usually has a Serious look on.

I am not entirely sure whether or not there is even an artist who does ship pictures here on SWAG these days, but I have a request for a starfighter which has become the fleet ship for our roleplaying group's mercenary squad. Please, if you have any interest in drawing the technical, like ships and the like give this a once over and let me know if you can do it. It seems it'd be a fairly simple ship to draw!


Now to the description:


In addition to the crew of the Mos Eisley Shuffle, the members aboard own several droids who aid the party in their tasks. Among them are Sleven-the quirky boxy Astromech bartender, CamBot-a junkbot cobbled together from the severed head of a pit droid made by the crew's resident spunky padawan, and BX-47-a deadly relic of the Clone Wars sworn by contractual obligation to serve his new dark mistress. Apart from basic utilitarian tasks they each bring their own brand of comedy to the party from BX-47's dry, black situational observations to Sleven's plainly eccentric behavioral quirks.

Yet another member of the Mos Eisley Shuffle crew, Rukskka or just "'Ska" to races less inclined to attempting the pronunciation of languages that create a similar sensation to hocking a loogie of ronto spit is the first mate and bounty hunting partner of the wild Miraluka cowgirl Captain Tyria Vellar-to whom 'Ska owes a life debt. He is an imposing figure to look upon despite his penchant for what can only be thought of as extremely loud Hawaiian shirts.

Hi guys!

You may have already seen Anarchangel's request for help with a new species, but if not, allow me to explain.

Our group have decided to create our own new species for use in game while our crew is in uncharted space and we're each doing one. I thought I would take a page out of Anarchangel's book and ask you guys for help depicting mine. For a little bit of an extra challenge, each of the races are based off of randomly generated ideas from an alien species generator and we build on it from there. The base for my species goes like this:

So we've decided to try and create some new alien species for use in our campaign. Since you guys have been so helpful to me in the past, I thought I'd ask for your help in depicting my own species.

Pretty much what the description says. After browsinng through some old deckplans made by TheAdmiral, I decided I wanted one done of one of my favorite newer ships, the T-6. Unfortunately I'ma have to ask one of you guys to do it, since I don't have the means currently. If you need a reference pic, try wookiepedia. I CAN tell you this much: They're unarmed, 22 meters long, can comfortably house two induviduals.... And aren't always used by just Jedi.... (If'n you do pixel art, I'd appreciate some concealed weaponary.)

Hello, my name is Anthony and it has been a year since I made a request for Capital ships. I am making a new, more detailed request in hopes that one of the many talented artists here will take on the challenge of helping me to realize my vision. Each of these ships needs to have an organic look much like the Mon Calamari ships. You are free to design them to be as close to Mon Cals as you can, just try to make them original-looking enough that they can be distinguished by me and others to be just different enough from Mon Cals.

Heya everyone!

Been awhile since I've posted, but I've found myself at an empasse trying to formulate a layout for the ship in which my players are carousing the galaxy, and I know exactly where the best Star Wars artists can be found to render such a layout. Also I'm playing around with some HTML on this post, so let's hope I don't look like a huge oaf.

To save your tired eyes, here's the tl;dr part first:

This request is straight forward for a personal avatar along the lines of Asok and Drig.  I have always pictured myself as the Jedi type character with my Crumb Tarncrest picture request.  I thought about it and figured out the type of character I would be in the Star Wars Universe for real.  I am the Armchair Historian named Esteban Tarncrest.  I like keeping him in the same family only in the Rebellion/ New Republic era.  He was a Professor of History at one of Coruscant's universities and spoke out one to many times about the Galactic Empire.  Fortunately for Esteban the Rebel Alliance w

in this campaign i'm running up i've got this idea that the bad guy in it is the son of a certain Moff. he was disowned by his father and chose to use daddy's money  and imperial connections to buy a military-grade ship and outfit it with luxurious accomodations, an increase to its already formidable arsenal, and a bunch of droids to crew the thing until he can get some proper swarthy space-dogs.


Hi guys! It has been awhile :)

I am in need of assistance! I need a varity of images for a Logo. Buttons, banners, maybe make a flag, just play around with it and turn it into a few cool logo options. It's for a website and Id like to have a few options and ways to present the logo. One idea I had was to make the logo apart of a ink splat design.

The other part of the request is a slight alteration to make it well..not copywrite to star wars wookipedia XD There are 8 pyramids...Id like to have 9 pyramids instead but I do not have the art program to make it work.