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Tracy Rodgers has always loved Fantasy and Science Fiction. She grew up with Star Wars and loved it. But it wasn't until she started playing Dungeons and Dragons in middle school that she really started drawing. Role playing inspired her imagination and she began in earnest to teach herself how to draw. She would spend hours in her room drawing. But after graduating high school, she entered college at Purdue University. The family members she had been roleplaying with were now far away and she just didn't have the time anymore to draw. A few years later, Tracy met Bob Rodgers who also loved Star Wars and drawing. He invited her into his Star Wars RPG group and Tracy found her inspiration once again.

Tracy has had no formal art training. In the real world, she is a Medical Technologist working in a large hospital laboratory. She loves what SWAG is all about. Afterall, she's been doing artwork for people in her own role-playing games for years and looks forward to her future projects.

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November 30, 1999
Jeffersonville, Indiana USA
Pencil, Computer