Kitsune - Steampunk Nagai

A new request from CenedraNasio;

"Kitsune is part of a small resistance force on Arkania that is helping to fight back against the Sith. Our game currently takes place during the Sith wars in the KOTR time frame. She has an athletic build, bone white skin since she is a Nagai and long jet black hair with beads and feathers woven into it. She doesn't carry any weapons with her since she is a martial artist. She dresses in a steam-punk fashion since she is part of the resistance and resources are scarce. One of her favorite things to wear are goggles on top of her head."

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Lord Crumb

I like the expression on her face and the way her hairs falls about her body. The color of her skin is nice.

-LCT :-)


She looks awesome Mercy! Thank you again for everything :)

Lord Crumb

When I looked at the thumbnail of the picture, the mist almost makes it look like she just teleported there on that spot.

-LCT :-)


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