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...So, I draw Fosh extremely differently to all the 'canon' are that exists, and all this 'canon' art is mostly if not completely of Vergere. Since draw the Fosh so differently, I decided on a whim while out at the pub to draw Vergere in the style that I draw Fosh.

I based most of this on various refrence material anyone can find easily by googling her name, and the rest of it was just me throwing in small aesthetic things for my own enjoyment. Of the books that Vergere features in, I've only read Traitor (At the moment I am making my way through the Heir to the Empire books. THRAWN IS KIND OF GREAT.) While I do plan on reading the other books that feature the only actual Fosh in the star wars universe, all of my knowledge of her comes from that one book and what I've read on wookiepedia XD

(Flared antennae as a bit of a ref to the original images- I also made her eyes a very dark blue because I only ever rememberher eyes being described as 'black'. I tried to make her beak much wider than how I draw, for example, Evis' but I don't know if I havethe artistic skill to have made that very apparent :\

The filering has altered the colour-change at the end of her crest there as well XD. It is supposed to be orange, which in "Fosh Feather Colour Language" I've had to mean curiosity. It does look very yellow here, I'm sorry. Yellow means stress, and Vergere is certainly not stressed here. I made her crest more of a cockatoo kind of shape, since the way her feather movement was described in the book made me imagine it this way.)

TL;DR Vergere is awesome so I drawed her



I need to actually read 'Traitor' some day. And anything featuring Thrawn. XD Both of these characters are effectively ones where 98% of my knowledge of them comes from in-game stuff, which means filtered-through-our-GM. I wish you could've been there last campaign when we met Thrawn. XD


I ran a "Darkside" Campaign back in college... meeting Thrawn was one of the highlights of that campaign, as was the moment when I managed to get the PC's to split and begin attacking each other in the Emperor's presence. Good stuff those days.

Traitor is amongst my favorite of the NJO books. Looking back on that series there was a LOT to take away and feel... ambiguous about. Still I remember that book particularly fondly, even if the whole thing amounts to a Death March for the whole series (my opinion). In some ways, it was sort of going out with a bang and Traitor was the point where they meta'd me into believing it all.



...I ACTUALLY INSANELY ENJOY TRAITOR. Not only great because lolFosh but it's also pretty awesome overall with a really cool understanding of the force



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