The Bellecats

The Bellecats are a hand picked team of swoop racers who enjoy the patronage of Lady Valerian, Jabba the Hutt's rival on Tatooine.

She takes pride in having beautiful women dominating the sport, just as she, a beautiful woman (for a Whiphid) rises to dominate Tatooine's illicit activities.

Jabba would very much like to have swoop team that could beat the Bellecats at the next Sandmeet race, but his racers don't last long when the rancor gets hungry, so his entries tend not to have the required skill and experience.

Perhaps, he thinks, the key is not in beating Valerian's vixens, but in eliminating them beforehand...

The Tatooine desert-scape is a screencapture from Lucas Arts' Star Wars Galaxies game.

Medium: Pencil, Ink, photoshop 7


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Ontario, Canada