The Dukes' Landspeeder

The Dukes of Wayfar;

Just two good ole boys, from Wayfar county, Tatooine. They run spice liquor in their maxed out D'odje Charger called the 'General Kenobi', pictured above.


This one was a lot of fun to do. I had a bit of trouble figuring out what to substitute for the confederate flag on the roof of the Duke's of Hazard 'General Lee', which is obviously what I used to develop this image.

Instead of white five pointed stars, I used the flare insignia of the old republic, clone-wars era.

I think the Star Wars version of the Duke boys will be making an appearance in my RPG soon. :)

Medium: Pencil, ink, photoshop 7


Fan-frakking-tastic!! I'm loving the crossover idea, and the design of the speeder really works well for it!


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