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The original unmarked render of "Jundland" , my new Star Wars Rock group work in progress. Looks like I'll be doing marked and unmarked versions of each.

1st of 3 group photos in a series to come.

Jundland: A hard hitting, hard rocking new Synthrock band, sweeping through the Galactic HoloMusic charts like a Jundland sandstorm! Fresh out of the twin suns planet of Tatooine, these female vocalists and their ensemble of musically talented droids got their act together one night at Chalmum's Cantina after a screw up in the nightly gig schedule brought the two competing local bands clashing in an all night synthrock duel!

Chalmum's was jam packed tighter than a single sandcrawler stuffed with 10 Jawa clans, and the synthahol reserves had already been bled dry well before the cantina finally closed at 5am. The duel was brought to a draw, when Sandstorm's drummer droid blew its arm servos, and Dune Sea's keyboardist's broke the keyboard moments later during a particularly heated number. And it was only Tatooine's Twilight hour. Yet the crowed cheered on for more! (Those that weren't already tone deaf or drunk)

An uneasy spur of the moment truce was declared, first borrowing from equipment or a member from the other band, while the others stood uselessly waiting. Until the other group decided to throw their lot and join in playing the tune. It was a hit! The extra guitars chords provided a full lead, bass and rhythm ensemble, while Sandstorm's Diyanna and Serit added depth and highlights to Dune Sea's Teren-Sekk baritone operatic vocals. They continued playing tunes from both their selections for the remainder of the night.

The next following day, the group merger was made official, under a new name: Jundland. By popular request, the planetary broadcast station began playing their newly revamped music. Freighter captains and crews bought copies of the freshly combined talent, and within a few short weeks, Jundland's fresh style sweeping through the galaxie's pirate holomusic circuit, until a Galactic Holonet Now! rep investigated the group, found them at Tatooine and signed them on officially.

Jundland members Left to right (Formerly known as Sandstorm):
MRN00B5 (M. Noobs): Bass & Rhythm guitarist
Serit: female Togorian singer & vocals
Diyanna: female Zeltron singer & vocals

This is initially a re-make of the rock group picture I made earlier, [link] titled "Happy Birthday my friends", but with many improvements to the quality of texture on Diyanna, the Zeltron, whole new dynamic fur added to Serit, including her hair style, and some modifications, custimizations, and personalizations on the XCC-900 droid.