R5 Series R5-D3X for Veparot

This is a customized render for Veparot as requested for use as his own droid in his Character's profile on Star Wars Combine. He has an Astromech called R5-D3X. Veparot's only wish was for a pure black background.

Thankyou Veparot for politely asking permission to use the droid image in your game.

A note to other roleplayers out there (including SW Combine):
If you ask me for permission to use a character in one of my renders for your own character use, I will grant you that permission, even make almost any customization (within reason and ability) and render it anew for you. Its a happy and fair win/win situation for everyone.

Sadly there's a lot of unnecessary image theft out there, and it really kills the enthusiasm, and discourages us artists from being able to enjoy our hobby. A lot of the theft could be prevented by simply asking the artist.


I. J. Thompson

Great render, and great thoughts. Why would anybody want to swipe art without getting the artist's blessing? I can't get behind that.


I had forgotten to mention in the description that the droid was originally from my previous picture - Taeli - Zeltron Freighter Captain. Same droid, just re-rendered all by itself with black background. It shows up larger here due to being actual original render size and all by itself, making use of the full 815x815 max gallery limitations vs, trying fit a full size 1680x1050 scene render into 815x___.

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