Turena Starchild

Grey eyes and pale skin. Turena's body is quite firm and lean. The skintight insulated leather bodysuit she wears under her custom Beskar'Gam betrays nothing. The near primitive / tribal hair styling of her straight chestnut brown is intentional. Complete with a thin leather hide headband, occasionally decorated with thin strands of beads or other handcrafted jewelry. Turena also prefers to wear little to no makeup on her face, except on rare occasions when she isn't wearing her kit. A pair of silver rings pierce her nose. A unique pendant crafted out of Mandalorian iron is worn proudly around her neck. The medallion is the emblem of Clan Starchild, the icon of a dark planet infront of a bright shining star.

Turena's temperament is usually cool to the touch, but can also be as hot as a hyperdrive or ice cold and empty as space; which could be a good thing or a bad thing pending the circumstance (and also depends on the company she's in). To newcomers she can seem to be quite the hardcase, bold and gruff in approach. She purposely does that to keep people at a distance.

Turena comes from a long proud lineage of starfaring nomadic Mandalorians known as Clan Starchild. Her entire clan is perhaps more nomadic than the entire culture, preferring to roam the stars than to settle down some-wheres dirtside. To Turena, "home" was always the centuries old Stellar class Prison Barge that her clan had "conquered" in Mandalorian fashion many generations ago. The clan ship always traveled the lesser known hyperspace lanes. Parking the barge in the nameless sectors most spacers dread landing in when their hyperdrives fail on them. The Starchild clan occasionally found and salvaged drifting derelict ships in this fashion.

Turena and her clan often made excursions to various marked uninhabited planets of all types across the galaxy for their training. Planets marked and only known to Clan Starchild. These planets would have well hidden small camps with caches of supplies. Turena and the rest of her clan also hired themselves out as mercenaries and bounty hunters to support the clan. One recent notable source of income was a small secretive project on Kaminoan, several members from Turena's clan had been recruited for. This was shortly before the outbreak of the Galactic War with the Trade Federation.

During the war, Turena herself often found herself taking part in, while her clan ship headed for safer regions of space. The war was much more than she had bargained for, but the pay was good; assuming she'd survive to collect on it. Turena usually drifted back and forth when the opportunity suited her. Selling her services to both Republic Generals and lesser than ideal semi-criminal civilian individuals with small time bounties. Sometime through middle of the war, Turena had lost contact with her clan ship which had become unreachable nor untraceable by any means. Now with the war recently over, Turena is trying to devote more of her time and resources to find her clan ship, though it still means having to take on mercenary work to be able to continue funding her search.


I have never worked with a 3d program so I have no idea the amount of work involved, but I can say I do love the results. You do some cool things with this. Awesome.


Thanks Casca!

Yeah, the 3d rendering program is pretty fun. Can be time consuming for setting stuff up, then rendering the final picture. Lots of fun and quite enjoyable too! Some of the content is legit free to download, other stuff I buy from the various stores. What's all out there can be somewhat limited, as there's a Beskar'Gam outfit set thats OK but could be better in some areas. Other times, like for these few Mandalorian pics, I try to get creative with the stuff available, and the content library that I have.

That's why you won't always see "Boba Fett" style armor in my renders when doing Mandalorian pics, hence usually more "custom" designs. I'm limited with what I have to work with, on premade content I have available. I still strive to keep it Star Wars, trying the best I can for both creativity and originality.

As for my not submitting much, not very often - I'm just busy at work. I don't have much spare time these days. When I do have some spare time and energy, I'll work on a project or two... Some are actually finished ready to be posted, except for the story I want to write for the image.

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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