A Trandoshan, a Zabrak, a Ryn, a Twi'lek and a Droid Walk Into a Bar...

Another decidedly more light hearted piece, haha, in what one of the players dubbed 'Saturday Morning Cartoon' style!

This is what happens when you finish a session a couple of hundred XP short of levelling. The players who realise this decide they don't want to go home juuust yet, the GM whacks down a random assortment of minis and announces; 'Right! You're in a bar!'

At which point the Ryn leaps up, pointing at the twi'lek across the room, and yells; "HEY! You owe me money!!"

Madness ensues... and the squad Captain loses a leg!


My first campaign ended up like this. Except the restaurant was a lot nicer. Oh, and they lit it on fire after they were done.


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