Nikita (Closeup)

Requested by Archangel

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Original Request Thread

So some friends and I have recently started a new campaign. And with a new campaign comes new characters. So I figured I'd throw a request at you guys to see if you can put a face to my dashing/weird duo.


First there is Nikita. Pilot and amnesiac. Nikita (Nikki to some) is a human woman with almost porcelain like skin and light blonde, almost white, hair which reaches to about just below her shoulders. It was said at one point by one of the other characters that Nikita occasionally looks like a doll with a hard edge. "Badass" was another word used. Although that one was more Nikita's own interpretation of self. Whether or not it's actually true is still to be determined.

Her eyes are a steely blue color and she wears very dark mascara.

She'll wear pretty much anything but does like to show at least a little skin.

The only real piece of equipment she keeps on her at all times are her twin blaster pistols which she keeps in holsters on the back of her belt.

Other than that, feel free to equip her with whatever.


The second part of this request is actually more of a supporting character. "Zombie" is an SB-20 security breach droid (slicer that looks like an R2) that Nikita found while traversing the back alleys of Coruscant.