Ultralight Swoop

While the speeder bikes in EpIII are militarily effecient in a Zundapp-motorbike kind of way, I thought that there should be a CBR-style lightweight version for the more affluent side of the galaxy. This is the kind of thing that you might see slongside the yellow sport-flyer on Coruscant, flashy and fast reather than utilitarian and practical.


That's why it's only done on the organic areas like the face. Everywhere else it's mechanical tone. This was a style I had to use for fanzine stuff in the '70s, when electrostencils couldn't do half-tones, only black or white.

You get used to it after a couple of hours, but only if your eyes are still responding....


The bad news is that there is no key to the Universe. The good news is that it's been left unlocked, in a dark alley, with its engine running.