Zazarok Pal - young republic recruit!

As requested by Slugmaniac, Zazarok Pal is a fourteen year old zabrak, a cheery new recruit to the (old) Republic! Though in itself it's a simple enough portrait, I've never really tried to pin down a specific age before, especially a kid, so I ended up flipping through old high school yearbooks to try and get the right 'teenage boy' feel to him. Hopefully I pulled it off okay!


Nice pic, Tuss. Now I just gots to go ponder.............

What kinda pimples do you s'pose Zabraks get? If ya pop one does a horn come out? Or would they be like little horns all over their greasy little teenage faces?


Teenage Zabraks get confused for Zygerrians ALL the time I guess, Judas!! What nobody realises is that the 'rite of passage' tattoos are actually an intensive, lifelong lasting pimple treatment.

(BTW, thanks guys! XD)


Hey thanks for creating my character avatar :). For A few days now I've been trying to hunt down the person who made nearly a year ago. Thankyou I really like it.


Hey man!!! Only just discovered this comment now... haha, I'm glad you like it!! :) Was a pleasure to do.


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