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A request by Valis;

"Alright, I'll get all the details out of the way first. We're talking something like 18 ABY (Not sure if that helps anyone in any way but I have to assume that clothing was different in 4000 BBY than it was 18 ABY.) Two Jedi Knights , they've been friends since they first entered training playing off each other's strengths. One is Nautolan, the other is Human. The Human is kind of light-skinned, maybe a bit of a tan, (He's a Coruscanti street rat, the only sun he's seen is recently on missions.) Brown hair and green eyes somewhere like six feet tall, fairly muscular, but not a body builder. As for robes, I'm thinking kind of like Obi-Wan Episode III, maybe something darker like Mace Windu's apparel. The lightsaber, I'm hoping would have some intricate little designs on it, he basically worships the blade, and should be kind of a bronze/gold color the hilt would be reminiscent of Qui-Gon's saber.

As for the Nautolan, dark green (Original right?), a little bit taller than the human, maybe lankier too. Green saber, for robes, something like what Ki-Adi-Mundi wore. I suppose I should get on about their personalities and how they should appear. The team is supposed to be kind of the comic relief of the campaign. The Human (aka Vox) is cocky (although he has the skill to back it up) he is an extremely talented duelist and lightsaber aficionado, although he has never shown much talent for aspects of the force such as Mind Tricks and illusions, he's not an idiot, he just practices discipline through training to be the best saber fighter alive. The Nautolan (aka Ziv) is a cautious intellectual, with a talented mastery of the force. He thinks before he acts, and considers repercussions, whereas Vox chooses to think of the present, a practicioner of the living force. Ziv is possibly even careful to the point of being timid, afraid to approach conflict but will step up to the plate when it is required.

I'm not sure how the picture should be laid out. Maybe like, the two in their respective ready stances about to enter combat? or perhaps just standing around hanging out. I'm really just giving some conceptual ideas of what the characters should look and act like, and I'm letting the artist have a lot of creative input on it. So whatever the artist wants to do will be fine."

Again, the request has been up for a bit, and though I got a PM from Valis after emailing him he hasn't posted any comments or suggestions so I'm considering this one done.

~ Mercy

Lord Crumb

Another awesome pic. Kewl looking Jedi who look like they find trouble around every corner.

-LC :-)


Mercy, while I've never really been an anime style fan, you have really made that style your own and do it very well.

The shading on this piece is wonderful!


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