Female Besalisk

This was a request from Lord Cygnus, for a reasonably attractive female Besalisk. You'll have to judge for yourself just how attractive she is, but I would imagine that, as far as other Besalisks are concerned, she's just a skinny little thing, and doesn't have enough meat on her bones.

The request left her occupation and personality open, so I imagined some cavalier young spacer looking for adventure between the stars...


Reminds me of the woman on "Up" The old mans wife.... Adventurous, and ready for anything.

Like I said in the request, she made me smile. Nice work.


This is coolness. Having done one of these, you have nailed the multi arms perfectly. Love you work by the way.


Super cool! And my husband/GM having a look over my shoulder is in complete agreement, haha.


Awesome! Perfect execution.

I'm not sure if it would be more insensitive to say I'd hit it, or to say I would not.


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