Not So Odd Couple

Some say that slave girl Cali Bellum fell in love with her man after he rescued her from her master on Tatooine, but Zealos Reil just sees that whole mess as his desperate attempt to get offplanet after a rather embarrassing X-Wing crash. It wasn't long thereafter that the two started traveling together, and Zealos even taught Cali some basic survival skills like how to pilot a starship and shoot a blaster. Now if he could just teach her to stop shooting people needlessly...

These two characters are the played by the requester for this portrait, Ice Hawk, in the Star Wars: Tapestry campaign.


Excellent work. :) Love the shade and toning you've done here.
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I. J. Thompson

Love it! The personality comes across so well. The shading on Zealos's forehead is amazing (and how nice to finally see him at last!), and Cali's freckles are such a nice touch. Bravo!


There is not a lot to say about your work that hasn't been said. You are awesome. The simplicity of the peice does not hide the intricate work you do. It's a great pic and it's great to see you posting again

Evan Black

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