CEC Shuttle (Modified YO-505 - Touring Yacht)

Here's a nifty little shuttle turned galactic touring craft I did about a year ago.
Medium: Corel Draw 13 vector art.

The design is originally by Ronin, of the SWRPGNetwork Holonets, and with his permission, I re-drew it from the ground up, and converted it from a plain jane interplanetary shuttle with 2 decks of passenger seating like an airliner to a hyperdrive enabled private entrepreneurial touring yacht. I love this functional brick-looking shuttle , theres so much potential in this design i'm working on a few more variants such as a converted Rebel dropship and more. Also, I added a pair of wings and outrigger engines to the design besides a totally re-designed interior layout.

This ship has everything for passenger luxury and comfort...

Here's the original writeup I posted at the holonets at the time I finished this image ala 'brochure' (Original post: CEC Interplanetary Shuttle [STATS]

Excerpt from Har-Mohnay Para-dise Galahtic Tours brochure:
"Why settle for just one vacation resort when you can visit many, and all the exotic locales for the price of one!"

While the boxy shuttle may not look like much on the outside, and the odd sailing boat styled roof deck garners a chuckle or few from most freighter captains. Originally an ordinary planatary shuttle, the 'Cast Away' is a one of a kind Touring Yacht. Its been modified extensively, if not retooled into a whole new vessel built purely for leisure and recreation. As soon as you step aboard, the vacation experience begins. Inside this multi-deck ship, tastefully decorated in leafy greens, sandy beiges and Caribbean hues make for a warm tropical atmosphere. Large window view ports offer incredible panoramic views for the whole trip, from liftoff to hyperspace to destination arrival. During hyperspace travels, the windows dim, and holoprojections display wondrous exotic vistas to inflight movies. A multitude of entertainment awaits.

Part of Captain Monty's tour package consists of exiting hyperspace when en route near scenic nebulae and other visually fascinating spacial bodies. For as long as a 3 week trip, Monty's tour consists of not one but many popular vacation stops, an offering in any combination of destinations anywheres within the galaxy. While in low altitude atmospheric flight, the guests are treated to the fresh open air and warm climates of the roof deck. Casually hovering over nameless oceans or tropical islands, many days and nights can be spent simply lounging in the sun, soaking in the Jacuzzi, sipping wine, or dancing the night away. For the more sport oriented folk, big game fishing and scuba diving are also part of the recreational activities. Captain Monty personally guarantees each tour is an adventure.

Deck 1 is the main entrance, next to the spiral staircase. Directly ahead is the dining room area with attached galley and consumables storage locker. To the right, the front lounge room was outfitted with large side view ports, and a huge wall sized front view port plus holoprojector. Accommodations feature a huge 4-team HoloGame & Dejarik board with circular seating for 8, Sabacc / Pazzak card table, a drinks & snack bar, lounge chairs, karaoke system, several deck chairs, all on beachwood flooring.

Deck 2 features 8 cozy state rooms with independent temperature controls. Each has a king sized bed, a couch, spacious drawer & closet space, and personal holovid screen. As a testament to Bob Monty's resourcefulness, each room is slightly different in decor – or theme. For safety and insurance policies, a pair of 8-person CEC escape pods occupy the deck's midsection. In the corridor, a pair of oblong refreshers have also been installed for passenger convenience. Last but not least, the deck contains access to cockpit, engine room, spiral staircase, an emergency roof hatch to the top deck, and the captain's cabin.

Roof deck is for use during atmospheric flights only. The deck consists of a two-tier split level deck – main and upper desks, featuring safety hand railing with telescoping glow-bulbs and inset floor lamps for night time illumination. The main deck consists of: full open deck for sunbathing and/or partying. The spiral staircase is airlock rated, with a sealing iris, closed for spaceflight. Opposite of the staircase, is an AutoChef-BBQ, for outdoor cuisine variety. Simply nothing compares to the taste of cooking and eating outdoors. Within sections of the deck flooring are removable panels, shallow storage compartments for recreational accessories such as fishing poles. At the very front of the deck is a small emergency hatch set just behind the cockpit. the A set of stairs between the escape pod domes leads to the upper roof deck.

Upper Roof Deck: A set of stairs from main deck lead directly to the Jacuzzi. Flanking the stairs are a pair of balcony's two steps down, with bar stools and cocktail bar counters affixed to the handrailing. In the leftmost far corner, is a old fashioned helm wheel, with sophisticated electronics for auto-pilot and navigation. In the opposite corner, a well stocked mini wet bar. For spaceflight, helm controls, Jacuzzi and mini bar fully retract into the deck floor. The deck tables and chairs are mag-locked to the deck. Theres even a built in sound system, for those warm tropical nights.

The Cast-Away is equipped with a x2 hyperdrive unit salvaged from another shuttle, and an extra pair of smaller booster ion sublight engines improve the Yacht's responsiveness. An auto-pilot control unit was also installed, along with a helm-link from the cockpit to the Upper Roof Deck, both essential when entertaining or supervising guests top or below deck. Rounding out his staff consists solely of 1 droid; a copper plated perky dispositioned BD3000 named Betty, as both waitress, bartender, cook and hostess to the passengers. Lastly, the Cast Away sports a pair of laser canons built into the cockpit for defensive reasons.

Craft: Corellian Engineering Corporation's Modified YO-505 Interplanetary Shuttle (Touring Yacht); Class: Space transport; Cost: 99.00 kCr (new), 50.00 kCr (used); Size: Small (34.7m length); Initiative: +3 (+2 crew, +1 size); Crew: 2 (Normal +2); Passengers: 8-16; Cargo Capacity: 5.00 Metric tons (Consumables, Party Supplies, Scuba Gear, Luggage.); Consumables: 2 Months; Hyperdrive: x2 (backup x20); Maximum Speed: Cruising (Average, 4 squares/action); Atmospheric Speed: 650 km/h (11 squares/action); Maneuvers: +3 (+1 size, +2 crew); Defense: 21 (+1 size, +10 armor); Hull Points: 60 (DR 20); Shield Points: 30 (DR 20).

Weapon: Laser Cannon (1); Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +7 (+1 size, +2 crew, +4 fire control); Damage: 4d10x2; Range Modifiers: PB +0, S -2, M/L N/A.

Character Attributes:

Captain Bob Monty: Adult Male Human, Expert 4; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Def 13 (+2 Dex, +1 Class); Spd 10m; VP/WP -/11; Atk +4 melee (1d3+1, punch), +5 ranged (by weapon); SQ Expert class skill (Appraise, Astrogate, Computer Use, Entertain, Knowledge, Pilot, Profession, Survival); SV Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +5; SZ M; FP: 0; Rep: +1; Str 12 (+1), Dex 15 (+2), Con 11 (+0), Int 14 (+2), Wis 13 (+1), Cha 14 (+2).

Equipment: Comlink, Credit Chip, Datacard w/Program, DataPad (+2 computer bonus on Intelligence checks relating to Computer Use checks involving downloading. With related datacards +2 bonus to Knowledge checks.), Macrobinoculars

Skills: Appraise +7 (+2 Int, +5 ranks), Astrogate +12 (+2 Int, +7 ranks, +3 misc), Computer Use +7 (+2 Int, +5 ranks), Entertain (drums) +7 (+2 Cha, +5 ranks), Entertain (storytelling) +7 (+2 Cha, +5 ranks), Knowledge (Astronomy) +7 (+2 Int, +5 ranks), Knowledge (Geography) +7 (+2 Int, +5 ranks), Knowledge (Recreation) +6 (+2 Int, +4 ranks), Knowledge (World lore) +12 (+2 Int, +5 ranks, +5 misc), Pilot +9 (+2 Dex, +7 ranks), Profession (entertainer) +6 (+1 Wis, +5 ranks), Read/Write Basic, Speak Basic, Survival +6 (+1 Wis, +5 ranks)

Feats: Skill Emphasis (Astrogate, Knowledge [World lore]), Starship Operation (space transport), Weapons Group Proficiency (blaster pistols), Worldwise

Notes: Since a kid, Bob had worked at nearly all the numerous tourist attractions and venues in his home city of Tropica. Tropica was a beach-front tourist city on one of many huge islands consisting of sandy beaches, tall leafy palm tree canopies, and lagoon inlets. Tropico planet itself was a single ocean of clear Caribbean blue waters, speckled throughout with various sized jungle islands. Eventually the space bug had bitten Bob, and he traveled offworld, working odd-jobs at spaceports, including various positions aboard large star liners. But Bob wasn't satisfied. He saw some of the galaxy, and how the rich citizens spent money on their vacations and major tourist resorts. Bob was inspired. He had a dream, to start his own tourism service, and do a better job pleasing the clientèle and he knew exactly how by offering what large cruise liners couldn't – variety. And so, Bob worked diligently to earn enough credits to make his dream become a reality.

Now seasoned entrepreneur Captain Bob Monty had big dreams when he saw a CEC YO-505 shuttle on the auction block. The CEC YO-505's weren't exactly popular for various reasons. However, this ship was going to suit him perfectly. And he got it for a bargain of a price! It took a few months or major renovations inside and out, almost every last credit to his name, but Captain Monty finally had it ready and open for business. He wouldn't have been able to do it with a bit of clever resourcefulness, favors from acquaintances around the galaxy, and plenty of old fashioned bargain hunting (and salvaging). If this venture takes off, Bob hopes to have a fleet of these ships someday, each and every one just as unique as the first.

Captain Bob Monty is in his mid 30's to early 40's. Average height, lean muscled with dark brown skin, black shoulder length dreadlocks, sporting a small beard or goatee. His usual attire consists of khaki cut-offs, floral print shirts and sandals. Bob is energetic, cheery, opportunistic, and his optimism is unsinkable. He's a fine pilot, knowledgeable tour guide, and entertainer. While he's not the greatest chef, Bob sure knows how to grill up a mean dish of Jumbo Marinated Sea-fleas with Whitesauce on the AutoChef-BBQ.

Betty: LiesureMech Enterprises' BD3000, Diplomat 2/Expert 2; Init +1 (+1 Dex); Def 11 (+1 Dex, +0 Class); Spd 10m; VP/WP -/13; Atk +2 melee (1d3, kick), +2 melee (1d3, punch), +3 ranged (by weapon); SQ 3rd Degree Droid, Expert class skill (Computer Use, Entertain, Gamble, Gather Information, Knowledge, Profession, Repair, Treat Injury), Female Personality, Humanoid Chassis; SV Fort +0, Ref +1,Will +7; SZ M; FP: 0; Rep: +1; Str 10 (+0), Dex 12 (+1), Con 10 (+0), Int 15 (+2), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 16 (+3).

Equipment: Improved Sensor Package, Locked Access, Motion Sensors, Sonic Sensors, Translator Unit (DC 25), Vocabulator

Skills: Bluff +10 (+3 Cha, +4 ranks, +3 misc), Computer Use +7 (+2 Int, +5 ranks), Diplomacy +11 (+3 Cha, +5 ranks, +3 misc), Entertain (song) +11 (+3 Cha, +5 ranks, +3 misc), Gather Information +10 (+3 Cha, +5 ranks, +2 misc), Knowledge (Culinary Cuisine) +7 (+2 Int, +5 ranks), Knowledge (Cultures) +4 (+2 Int, +2 ranks), Knowledge (recreation) +10 (+2 Int, +5 ranks, +3 misc), Listen +5 (+1 Wis, +4 misc), Profession (bartender) +5 (+1 Wis, +4 ranks), Read/Write Basic, Read/Write Binary, Repair +5 (+2 Int, +3 ranks), Search +4 (+2 Int, +2 misc), Speak Basic, Speak Binary, Spot +5 (+1 Wis, +4 misc), Treat Injury +4 (+1 Wis, +3 ranks)

Feats: Ambidexterity, Martial Programming, Persuasive, Skill Emphasis (Entertain [song], Knowledge [recreation]), Toughness, Trustworthy

Notes: Betty (BD-3000 luxury droid), is Bob's sole crew member and business partner. While its true, the BD-3000 series of luxury droids never were as talented at protocol linguistic functions as 3PO units, they were more than capable at most other tasks. Betty's shiny copper body is almost impeccable, as is her body effeminately curvaceous. Her personality is about as bright and perky as her skin, with a voice warm as the sun's rays itself, she makes an exceptionally loyal hostess for Bob and their clientèle. When she isn't entertaining, belting out a tune, or serving, she's also the cook, master of culinary cuisine, with recipes known from over dozens of vocational resorts. One could say Betty and Bob go a long ways back, something of a friendship started well before they became business partners. (GM's Note: How Bob and Betty hooked up is totally up to you. Perhaps they were steward & stewardess on a starliner, or Bob won her in a sabacc game, or possibly Bob once saved a rich / prestigious / senatorial family from a pirate boarding attack, awarding him a monetary reward or droid for his heroic deeds. Or maybe he rescued the droid from a certain fate from the scrapheaps, not necessarily to the owner's delight.)
-=Starwars Databank Reference: BD-3000 Luxury Droid=-