Togorian Freighter Pilot

Here's a new character & project of mine. One of several projects, and she's just one character out of a group that I'm working on. I'm curious if it'll end up breaking my machine when I get around to rendering all the characters in the final composition... Then I'll know 2gb ain't nearly enough and I'll have to spring for 4-8gb ram, and WinXp 64bit.

I happen to have a soft spot for Togorians, and we don't get to see much of them it seems. She's literally a pet project for me, since I'm doing her in full HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image) based lighting. In digital terms, its actual replication of realworld sunlight. Alot of today's games like Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion use HDRI lighting if you have a new & powerful enough video card. And it sure makes a night and day difference in realism quality. She looks realistic don't she? I'll be doing more Togorians later on down the road. Stay tuned!

Perhaps I'll do a full body shot of her yet, maybe even a cheesecake (grin) before I get the rest of the project completed. She's got some healthy muscle tone going on underneath that flight suit... Pissing her off is a real real bad idea.

Materials & Setup:
Intel Core2Quad Q6600, 2gb ram, Carrara 6.0
Original Resolution: 2048x1536 - slightly different background, same picture otherwise.
Models: Furrette by Littledragon, glasses by Kirisute. Mic? can't recal where I got it from, sorry.
Note: I re-sampled the sunglasses frame and lenses with custom shaders in Carrara, they look soooo much better than the supplied textures.
Postwork: signature added & downsizing (from 2048x1536) only, everything else pure render from Carrara.