The Mandalorian Gentleman Vigilante

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The Mandalorian known as the "Gentleman Vigilante" is something of a mystery. On a mostly lawless planet governed by unscrupulous rivaling Land Barons he's made something of a reputation for himself; becoming toted as a local "Hero of the people." Always the gentleman with a flair for dashing daring bravado. Always showing up on the scene from out of nowheres like some character straight out of a holo-novel, often before the local Sector Ranger. Always taking matters of the law into his own hands; he'll settle civil disputes, thwart swoop gangs, or other questionable matters. Sometimes delivering outright vigilante brand of hard but fair justice, much to the Sector Ranger's disapproval. As quickly as the Gentleman Vigilante arrives, he exits the scene, with a salute or tilt of his helmet before rocketing into the air.


Wow! He's like a super hero in the SW-verse. I like. I really like the pattern on the armor, very sweet.


Thanks! Yeah, I wanted to do something against the usual Mandalorian Bounty Hunter stereotype.

I was trying for a worn and weathered look for the armor. Glad you like it guys!

Wish I could've written the story blurb a bit better, though I didn't want to make it one of those 5 page long mini-fics. Just short and to the point.

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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