Kaydra Leeronel

Frobi-Wan's request, Kaydra Leeronel of Donovia. Hope you enjoy it.

Here is the original request thread.


I think this fits the request rather well. I'm not a fan of her neck, just below the chin. The one line there almost suggests a double-chin, which I doubt was your intention.

Great composition and colour, and I like the pose. Shows off everything that seemed important based on the request, without looking like an exposition.


I love it! Awesome work Hish! I love the style, and I especially love her face. Great expression!



She looks very nice, Hisham. For some reason she reminds me of Kaylee from Firefly, which is a good thing considering that Kaydra, too, is an engineer. ;-)


As always, I am taken back by the talent & profesionalism of all you SWAG artists.

Hisham - I can't thank you enough.

Frobi-Wan Kenobi


This looks great, Hish! The pose and lighting are making it read in a very realistic way. It looks like you're really flexing your artistic muscles here and I'm digging it.

- Gith


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