Flight Badges Variety set 1

A variety of Flight Badges, set 1 of 5

I was doing up a bunch of new rank badges for my forum when the service host crashed big time. They're meant to be Rebellion, New Republic, or New Jedi Order era with the Silver & Gold lightsabers denoting 2 levels Pilot and Commander respectively.

The lightsaber is my original design, and I seen the rebel emblems somewheres but I can't real where, but I liked them enough to redo them as they were small like 60x60 pixel size. I started with a basic design, then began playing around with a few variations and color combinations which led to several nice sets. I intended to just choose a few for forum use, but... Its a tough choice, I like them all. I could picture some of these being like pilots wings pins, or even arm badges denoting what squadron your a member of.

If I can manage to pick one out as a favorite, i'll be sure to take it to a print shop and get a T-shirt made :D I gotta love vector format.

Anywhoo, here's set 1 of 5

Medium: Corel Draw 13 vector Graphics.