Derbel Reythan

Request for Carlitos Moff - Togruta Sith Apprentice. This is him in training.
See the Blog HERE.


Sweet job altogether! One of your best. ;)

If only it wasn't for that black lightsaber *cough* :P

jk ;)


I agree. A traditional red would look great with a Togruta color scheme. But alas, we must be true to the request.


Lord Crumb

Another great job Mercy. Maybe a edging around the black blade would've better defined it.
Looks cool anyway.



It's a good piece, but I will never condone black lightsabers. Call me old fashioned, but I still hold to the age old notion of black being the absence of light... Maybe "absence of light-sabers?"

Still, I've seen worse. "Lava lamp lightsabers" hold that honor. ;)

Carlitos Moff

Thanks again for a terrific picture Mercy. You really did a great job with this one.

Ps. For the record, the black lightsaber is not my idea. I blame the Player of my campaing.

Ps2. Black lightsabers are a pretty lame idea.


Yeah, thats like a "darksaber". It takes light instead of emmitting it. Its no good at deflecting blaster bolts, but it can absorb them and drains the life of a clashing lightsaber. Hmmm... He's got the Flame Alchemist hand going on over there too...
Love the pic!


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